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Frequently Asked Questions

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MTM FAQs for Production Hourly Positions



1. Can I apply to Mazda Toyota Manufacturing (MTM), more than one position?

You can only apply for one position at a time.  If you feel that you have applied to the wrong position, please contact


2. How will I know my application status?

  • All candidates will be notified of their application status via email. MTM may use mail or phone when necessary to reach you. Due to the large anticipated volume of candidates, it may take several months to be contacted.
  • Please keep us informed of changes to your contact information (e.g. new address)
  • MTM will not accept email, mail, or phone calls to check application status.
  • The only way to check your application status is by logging into the account created at the time of submitting your application and referencing the status displayed.

3. Can I send in my resume AND apply on-line?

MTM cannot accept unsolicited resumes that are faxed, mailed, emailed or delivered. Applying online is the only way to apply for a job with MTM.


4. How do I specify which shift I want to work?

Your shift will be assigned based on MTM’s needs. Please note that you may be assigned to ANY shift.


5. Will MTM have a shift rotation?

Yes. MTM will observe a four-week shift rotation. 


6. What are the shift hours for Production?

MTM will have two shifts.

  • First Shift: 7:00am to 3:45pm
  • Second Shift: 7:00pm to 3:45am

7. How much is the shift premium?

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing employees eligible to receive a shift premium will receive $1.30 per hour during second shift. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing anticipates shift rotation will begin on or around the time we reach full production.


8. How long does the process take from when I apply until being hired?

Based on the volume of applicants, the assessment process could take from 3 to 6 months.  Actual hire dates are set based on business and training timing requirements.  Please be patient as it may take several months to be contacted.  All successful candidates will be contacted and placed as soon as possible based on hiring timing requirements.  


9. My friend took an assessment at AIDT. However, I still haven’t been contacted for an AIDT assessment. Is it possible that my online application was deleted?

No. All online applications are kept on a secured database for a period of one (1) year. It may take several months to be contacted. Please be patient and continue to check your email for communication from MTM or AIDT, our recruitment partner.


10. I am interested in a Production Job. What does the hiring process look like?

The hiring process consists of multiple steps as outlined below. You'll receive more detailed information about each step as you progress through the process. You may be eliminated from consideration at any point in the process and will not move forward to the next step.

  • Online Application
  • Select Assessment for Manufacturing - online assessment completed in-person at the MTM Assessment Center during the Day of Work assessment. 
  • Day of Work Assessment – hands-on assessment completed in-person at the MTM Assessment Center. Takes seven hours and is scheduled online.
  • Background Check
  • Drug Screens
  • Physical


11. I have a documented disability and would like to request an accommodation for one or more steps in the hiring process. Who should I contact?

MTM is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and offers opportunities to all job seekers including individuals with disabilities. If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation for any step in the hiring process, email us at in advance of your scheduled appointment. Please include a description of the specific accommodation you are requesting and be prepared to provide documentation establishing your disability and the need for a reasonable accommodation.


12. Who do I contact if I have technical difficulties during the application process?

For any technical difficulties, please contact PSI Help Desk at 855-435-7338 or email This number will be answered during normal working hours (8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday). If your call is unanswered, please include your full name and the nature of your difficulty. Please also include your phone number and best time to reach you.


13. I started an application but didn’t get a chance to answer all questions. How do I finish it?

The online application saves your responses as you go. To pick up where you left off, please visit this site:


14. I got kicked out of the online assessment before I was done testing. Can I access my assessment again?

Yes. The assessment saves your responses as you go, so you will not need to redo the answers you already submitted. To pick up where you left off, please visit this site:


15. I need to schedule an appointment for the Day of Work Assessment, but the calendar is blank. How should I proceed?

If the schedule is blank, it means there are no testing sessions scheduled at this time, OR the testing sessions have all been filled. Check back frequently to see if additional testing sessions have been added; you may access the calendar via this link:

In addition, check your email often, as you may receive notifications as additional sessions are scheduled.


16. I scheduled an appointment for the Day of Work Assessment but I didn’t write down the details. How can I find information about my appointment?

You will receive a reminder email outlining your appointment details one week in advance of your appointment. If you do not see that message in your inbox, please check spam or junk folders, as that email contains important information about your appointment.


17. I failed a step in the hiring process. When can I reapply?

You may reapply six (6) months after your original application date unless you complete the approved Remediation Certification Process. The process for Remediation will be sent to you via email.  Otherwise, please do not attempt to reapply before the six-month period has elapsed; duplicate applications will be discarded.


18. What is Ready to Work and how do I register?

Ready to Work is a program that prepares you with career essential skills necessary to be successful in the workplace and provides a way to prove to employers that you are ready to work. The Ready to Work curriculum is delivered through online and classroom instruction. Ready to Work is free of charge. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals receive two credentials: the Alabama Certified Worker (ACW) Certificate and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). Achieving these credentials demonstrates to employers what you can do and measures the skills and capabilities most employers and colleges seek.  


How to Enroll for Ready to Work:

  • Visit
  • Select “RTW Training,” and choose the community college location that is most convenient for you.
  • Once you have successfully completed the Ready to Work course, you may submit your certificate of completion to After your certificate has been reviewed, you will be emailed instructions on how to reapply.


19. How can I change my contact information (name, address, phone number, email address?

Please send a summary of changes to to request a change.


20. Although I have passed all steps in the hiring process thus far, I have been informed that there are no current job openings right now. How long will my application remain active?

Your passing application will remain valid for one (1) year from the date you applied.


21. What should I bring with me to my scheduled appointment?

You MUST bring a photo ID to be admitted to the Day of Work Assessment appointment. Please bring a driver's license, state issued identification card, passport, or school-issued ID. You will NOT be admitted with a birth certificate, social security card, or other form of identification that does not have a photo.


22. I would like to apply to more than one position. How do I do this?

Candidates may only apply for one (1) position. 


23. How long will MTM be hiring?

MTM will continue production ramp-up hiring through 2022.


24. How many production positions will be filled by MTM?

3,000 total production members.


25. If I’m unsuccessful in being selected, is there a process for applying to on-site and off-site MTM Supplier positions?

Yes.  During the application process, candidates will be asked if they are interested in working for one of our On-Site Partners, should they fail to meet MTM requirements. If interested, MTM will provide the On-Site Partners with candidate contact information. All On-Site Suppliers have and will follow their own respective Hiring Process.


26. What is the pay range for Production Team Member positions?

Starting pay for production team members is $20.00 with a grow-in of $26.20 per hour. A grow-in is the wage progression over time from the start rate to the top rate. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing anticipates a most production team members will reach the top rate of $26.20 per hour about six years after their date of hire.


27. What benefits are Production Team Members eligible to receive? When do benefits start?

Production team members are full time employees directly hired as team members of Mazda Toyota Manufacturing and are eligible for benefits including health insurance, dental and vision insurance, 401k with 6% company match, and a vehicle discount program.


28. What does it mean to pause the application process? Why is Mazda Toyota Manufacturing using this approach?

The decision to accept applications for production team members in phases is based on a commitment to thoroughly review every application received. The phases are aligned to Mazda Toyota Manufacturing’s hiring schedule which will take place over a two year period. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing will hire more than 3,000 production team members to support its plant.

Phases will consist of a period of time during which:
-Applications may be submitted,
-Interviews and assessments take place,
-Job offers are extended, and
-Training and onboarding for new employees.  


29. When will Mazda Toyota Manufacturing pause and resume hiring for production team members?

When the volume of applications for a phase is met, the availability to apply will be paused. This practice ensures all applications received are evaluated in a fair and timely manner. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing anticipates the phased approach to hiring its initial workforce of more than 3,000 production team members will continue over a two-year period.

To be the first to know when additional career opportunities are available sign up to be notified by email at


30. How many phases of hiring for production team members will there be? When will you be done hiring?    

There will be multiple phases of hiring Mazda Toyota Manufacturing’s initial workforce of more than 3,000 Production Team Members. Application phases will happen over a two-year period. Once the initial workforce is hired, opportunities to join Mazda Toyota Manufacturing as a Production Team Member will continue as needed to meet the demands of the plant.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply early by visiting:

Individuals interested in applying for production team member positions may sign up to be notified by email as soon as applications are accepted at the beginning of a phase at


31. I applied before the phase paused, am I still being considered?

Yes. All online applications are kept on a secured database for a period of one (1) year. It may take several months to be contacted. Please be patient and continue to check your email for communication from MTM or AIDT, our recruitment partner.


32. How will I know when I can apply again?

Individuals interested in applying for production team member positions may sign up to be notified by email as soon as applications are accepted at the beginning of a phase at


33. Are you hiring for any other positions?

Yes. Opportunities to join Mazda Toyota Manufacturing are added to our website as they are available. To explore current career opportunities, visit:

To be the first to know when additional career opportunities are available sign up to be notified by email at


34. I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing is committed to ensuring all interested candidates understand career opportunities, hiring timelines, and assessment processes. If you still have questions, please reach out to us by email at